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pregnant. >> it is not just for show i am walking around in the high heels but it ain't pretty. at all. thank you for watching everyone, "studio b" with shepard starts now. >>shepard: that is an untruth. that is not like you. good to see you. the news begins anew. box one, a deadly bomb attack in a crowded bus stop in iraq, called the first "terror attack if the city in years." and the hollywood star elizabeth taylor is dead today, as her family reportedly is fighting over her estimated hundreds of millions of dollars. in box number three, well, well, well, now there are photos. we have all heard about bunga-bunga sex parties and now the pictures, hello, ladies, that's all ahead unless breaking
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news changes everything. my goodness. first from follow as 3:00 on this 5th day of the war, a top coalition commander says the allies have wiped out the libyan air force. now we are told the focus is on the ground troops of muammar qaddafi. all we achieved in days what would have previously taken months or years. we have the libyan ground forces under constants observation and we attack them when they threaten or attack civilians or population centers. >>shepard: the white house pushes to hand over control of the operation in days but we got this from nato: nato nations failed to agree today on giving the western alliance control of military operations in libya so there is conflict. conflicting reports when it would happen. how it would happen. and who is in charge. also, we are dropping bombs but it's a war, right? i mean, if we're dropping bombs and they are shooting back and our soldiers over there, our air
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american are in the skies, the white house says, no, this is in the a war. so what is it? context later on that with juan williams and the libyan regime is still attacking. a spokesman for the opposition says qaddafi snipeers killed 16 people in one city. and another six died in another town south and west of tripoli. we are told that the rebels have been sending the dead and wounded to hospitals in benghazi. the opposition stronghold. a local doctor says qaddafi is out to destroy the city and anyone who lives there. >> he come to kill us. and we are very happy because ... the united nations came and helped us because if they don't come to help us, benghazi would be lost. >>shepard: and breaking news.
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secretary clinton has just announced and urged qaddafi to leave libya and says the inner circle should "make the right decision." that happening just seconds ago. and now to the videotape of benghazi, today, actually, the recorded media, people taking to the streets in support of the international air campaign this. the u.s. commander in the region says the strikes protected the city from new government attacks and now says international forces are trying to extend the in fly zone to qaddafi's power center of tripoli. we have coverage of our new war on libya, jonathan hunt is on the opposition movement but first to rick leventhal in benghazi much the airstrikes aim to protecting other cities. is it working? >>reporter: well, we have seen the results, between benghazi and to the south where the jets, 95 percent of the missions
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carried out by u.s. fighter jets neutralizing tanks and heavy armored between here and the southern city 95 miles down the road. taking our thanks and artillery but in that town, qaddafi's army is in control with a major check point north and west of the city with tanks and heavy artillery. the rebels are being beaten back and the jets are not targeting those tanks and other positions because they're in the city limits so we did hear that there were airstrikes to our west. where the population has been taking a pounding with reports of more than 100 civilian deaths and many more wounded. they targeted tanks and tank crews and ammunition dumps but we hear mixed reports. they may not be able to keep qaddafi from continuing the assault at this hour. >>shepard: what is the latest on him in tripoli? >>reporter: well, we have
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heard a lot of tough talk from qaddafi. the airstrikes do not seem to be keeping him down. they have taken out missile defense systems if tripoli destroyed by f-15 fighter jets but qaddafi spoke from the balcony telling the people gathered there the nato efforts are a crusade against islam and he repeated, shepard, i'm here, i'm here, i'm here, basically taunting the west with his words. >>shepard: thank you, rick, from benghazi. doing a great job, thank you. be say. despite coalition airstrikes against muammar qaddafi's forces, disorganized opposition fighters are said to be struggling to take advantage of the international air campaign. residents in a number of cities fleeing amid the fighting which is causing shortages of food, water, and electricity, not to mention gas. jonathan hunt has an update. jonathan, secretary of state, hillary clinton, moments ago, said qaddafi and the inner circle have to decide.
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>>jonathan: strong words from secretary of state, hillary clinton. she said that qaddafi has lost the confidence of his people. he has lost the moral right to govern. she said those around him and the man himself now have to make a decision. she said that the quickest way for all of this to end is for qaddafi to serve his people and serve them by leaving libya. of course, the open question: if qaddafi have, as hillary clinton hinted yesterday, been exploring his openings for exile, where would he go? it seems the only friend he has left is venezuela. that could be the only way out. >>shepard: we talked yesterday about the disorganized rebels and the degree to which they are that; but now there is a push to get political leadership in that group. >>jonathan: they organized this interim national council a few weeks ago. now they have gone a step
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further and in effect tried to set up an interim or shadow government. that is going to be headed by a man who is an economist and planner. he served qaddafi at one point. and then left. he has been at the front of this interim national council. you see him there, meeting european union leaders just a couple of weeks ago. he also met the french president sarkozy. he is going to head this government. they say they are also going to announce other shadow cabinet posts in the next couple of days so, clearly, the rebels are at least politically speaking, trying to get organized. but it seem they are still in military terms "something of a ragtag bunch." >>shepard: you are chatting today? >>jonathan: yes. >>shepard: at have you been to the jonathan hunt chat? you don't know what you are missing. i cannot imagine anything more exciting, go to
3:08 pm and chat with jonathan hunt. lyian leader muammar qaddafi suffering more set backs as american f-15 fighter jets fired at his sites around tripoli. but it's not a war. the defense secretary saying no one is in a position to predict the outcome in libya. and now to the pentagon. jennifer griffin, the u.s. wants to transfer command, they keep eling us but they have not been very specific about it. what is the timeframe? >>reporter: well, we just heard a tweet from a reporter who is traveling with secretary gates in egypt. and he reportedly just said they would like to hand over the command to someone else that we have been hearing, british or french, by saturday. i had been hearing it would likely half before tuesday but secretary gates and the military are anxious to hand off this mission. but secretary gates down plays any suggestion they would try to facilitate any negotiations
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between qaddafi and opposition forces. >> qaddafi has been basically sworn he will show no mercy to anyone who has been in opposition and that's not exactly an invitation to negotiating. this matter at the end of the day is going to have to be settled by libyans. >>reporter: the military would like its role with regard to the air force in a capacity to refuel, to provide surveillance, electronic jamming capabilities, they would like to not be using their f-15 fight are jets once they do hand over that comand. they would like to keep them on stand by so they are only needed in case of emergency, but last night was the first night there have not been tomahawk strikes and that, essentially, we're told that the tomahawk strikes have ended $1.5 million each. if they have to go after air defense systems further, they will use heaper means, meaning
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airstrikes. >>shepard: my understanding of what a war is, is if our guys go over and they fly planes over and they bomb people and kill people and then the people on the ground shoot back up at them and try to kill our people, that's a war. what were they like -- what would they like to call this, instead? >>reporter: i asked that question at the briefing today with the rear admiral who is the chief of staff in charge of the joint task force and he was speaking from the uss mount whitney in the mediterranean and he would simply say when i asked if this was a war, he said, we are full filling our obligations under the u.n. security council resolution and he said over and over "we are this to protect civilians," and he mentioned essentially, in that security council resolution, that there are, really, only three towns mentioned by name that coe leg forces are supposed to be protecting. benghazi was mentioned, and
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tripoli, and two others but essentially he also said that there is no sign that qaddafi forces are pulling out of the towns although there were u.s. airstrikes on qaddafi tanks but it does not seem to have forced them to pull back according to u.s. intelligence. >>shepard: wars and roses by any other name. jennifer, thank you for your hard work. we got a bulletin in from associated press from the state of washington. a u.s. soldier has pleaded guilty to murder and conspiracy in the killing of three unarmed afghan civilians. a u.s. soldier pleads guiltiy do murder. detail as they come. so, who will be if carriage of -- in charge of the military operation in libya, which is not a war and when will we hand over
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control? but the white house says this is in the a war. we have the war in afghanistan. that is a war. we have the war in iraq. that's a war the we have a war on drugs last i checked. is we had a third war down there in mexico for a while. this is not a war, though. ?c
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>>shepard: in jerusalem one is dead after a terrorist attack. fox news confirmed the one kill was an american at 3:00 p.m. local time in the heart of the
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city. police are blaming palestinian militants for the attack. someone planted two-pound bomb on a busy sidewalk near the central bus terminal in jerusalem and witnesses say the blast blew out the windows of two crowded buses. this is the first major attack in the city in several years. our correspondent is based in jerusalem and have we learned who may have planted this? >>reporter: police are looking for suspects or a suspect involved. we do know that both in east jerusalem and the west bangs palestinian militants have been rounded up, a way to gather intelligence. but the usual suspects you thing of -- hamas -- they are quiet and did not claim responsibility. >>shepard: was there any intelligence? a lot of times in the past when things have blown up in israel you get a leak before.
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>>reporter: someone commented unlike the situation at the eiffel tower no one phoned in before warning of attack. police say there was no warning or intelligence that an attack was coming in jerusalem and they were not on alert but what happened three weeks ago a bomb was placed in the road from jerusalem to bethlehem and a palestinian man who works for the city of jerusalem, his arm was blown off by the bomb and tonight they are checking to see if there might be a connection. >>shepard: that is the latest from jerusalem. thank you. and now to japan for the latest on a dramatic situation at the crippled nuclear plant northeast of japan. look at this: huge clouds of smoke billowing from the reactor number three there. the officials, the tokyo electric power company have evacuated the whole place now, and the government is firsting people in a twelve immediate radius to leave the area. reactor number three is a top priority because it has the
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highest radiation level and the only one of the six reactors that uses plutonium in the fuel mix. it is a long lived and toxic material and if it escapes it would be hazardous for tens of thousands of years. and now, streaming live from the southern city of osaka in japan. what is the latest? >>reporter: well, shep, it is a major set back to getting back essential power on the cooling systems online at fukushima. the black smoke you were describing, that caused the evacuation of 11 of the brave recovery crew workers working on four of the six reactors there and they had to stop pumping the water from the fire trucks in, as well, the situation became so dangerous and now they do not know exactly what the cause of this black column of smoke is but the radiation levels did not change as a result it.
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all the say, -- all the same they pulled out the workers and now tells are exceeding what the reactors were built to do so it could be a time before the workers can go back in, a major set back. >>shepard: thank you, dominic. also in japan, new fears of food safety after testing found higher amounts of radioactive iodine in the tokyo water supply. tokyo. that is 170 miles away from the reactors. the numbers are twice the acceptable level for infants according to the government recommendation and they are saying for babies not to drink tap water not that they did, and the radiation spread to vegetables and raw milk in the northeast and the health minister says the levels pose "no immediate risk for any adult." the massive wave that caused so much death and destruction now was 77' high.
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that seems impossible but that is what they are saying, the height of a seven-story building so reports the government commission study by the port and airport research institute in japan. officials say the tsunami killed more than 10,000 people and wiped away entire cities in the northeast part of the country. the city of detroit is not just shrinking, but people are leaving the more difficult in droves and what it means for those who stay in behind. a look back at his taylor's remarkable career coming up.
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>>shepard: breaking news on fox news, we got word that eight explosions heard in tripoli. but not at any of muammar qaddafi's compounds. and if true, this would mean the first time that the coalition airstrikes have happened in the stronghold of tripoli but not in the compound. it would be a significant development if true. we have every reason to believe it is true in the war that is not a war. jonathan hunt is live. what happened? >>jonathan: we hear a series of explosions. we are being told they are in eastern tripoli. a tweet i was reading from, i believe, a resident in tripoli, saying that these were in a district that i don't know about if tripoli but it was the center
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of libya's nuclear research but, obviously, muammar qaddafi ended his nuclear program some time ago. but we hear the explosions, according to libyan state tv, were aimed at military targets, but, also, again, according to libyan state tv and there could be a case of they would say this anyway, but they are saying civilian targets. one assumes the coalition would deny that. >>shepard: we expect updates from the united states as the war continues. thank you. more bad news for the struggle city of detroit, now. the new census data finding the number of people living in the motor city plunged to a level not seen if a century and the mayor is asking for a recount. because it matters on federal money. detroit has lost more than 200,000 residents in the past decade. the experts say the biggest decline is among middle-class african-americans, many of whom have moved to the suburbs for better safety and services. right now, government figures show the population is just more
3:24 pm
than 700,000 compared to the heyday back in the 1950's when nearly 2 million people called detroit home. it was the 5th largest city in america. and now, right to gerri and her two cents from the "fox business network." in my graduation is an extreme example but not the only one. >>reporter: this is about employment. detroit's unemployment rate 12.7 percent come paired with the national rate of 8.9 percent and only half of michigan counties had increases in population. the rest had declines. michigan is 10.7 percent unemployment as a whole. and other state across the country, we see this trend if california unemployment rate of 12.5 percent and new york and new jersey and illinois, all losing population. and not just going to the suburbs, but it is a lot people leaving entirely for jobs. they want jobs. >>shepard: maybe they are tired of snow. because if new york it is snowing again today.
3:25 pm
where do the people go? >> the sunshine state, florida, the sunbelt of the look at florida here, only two of 67 counties actually lost population if this report. so they are gaining. you have to think a lot of retirees are going there, too. arizona, texas, north carolina, big recipient of a lot of people moving in and these are places where low unemployment. keep in mind a lost these states in the south also are getting immigrants. legal and otherwise, that are moving in, so there is a lot going on but the big story is unemployment. >>shepard: north carolina a lot of clean industry in that state, big cities are growing and it is functioning very well in north carolina. report a great state the i am from north carolina and it is a great state. >>shepard: dark blue or light blue. >>reporter: light blue. i can see that is the end of our relationship. >>shepard: i am on the bandwagon. >>reporter: go basketball!
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>>neil: i guess that is a foreign language. you talk about business and i feel the same way. >>shepard: we will talk to you in an hour and a half, gerri, on the fox business network, the "willis report" where you get the power to prosperity, and the fastest growing business network if all of cable news, did you know that? the most fantastic thing and if you don't get it, demand it! demand it, already. come on. hollywood today turning, mourning the death of a legend, elizabeth taylor died at the age of 79. she was in and out of the hospital the past few months and doctors in california say they died of congestive heart failure. the actress first became a star at age of 12. and the year was 1944 and the film was "national velvet," a lead role in films like "butter field 8," and more. >> on your knees.
3:27 pm
i asked caesar. i demand it of you. >>shepard: get on your knees. hers personal life, off screen, that kept her in the news. trace in our hollywood newsroom. hello, trace. >>trace: she was a star at 12. a divorceee at 18. and a widow at 26 and a long time writer said elizabeth tail put the "sweet" in scandal and the glamour in gossip. she made 70 movies and she was the highest paid actress if hollywood and signed a record $1 million deal but her true fame, really, came with her line jewelry and perfume. when she divorced her 7th husband, her wealth was estimated at $600 million. you saw pictures she was married to hotel king hilton, and eddie
3:28 pm
fisher and richard bur done and our reporter covered her for years and said she was a joy. elizabeth loved fashion, jewels life, good meals, she loved men. and the thing is she was unafraid to show that. she dared to be showy. >>trace: later she battled weight, her health, she battled the tabloids but her middle east passionate fight was likely against aids after her great friend rock hudson died of aids she founded the american aids research foundation, generated millions of dollars for that cause and of course her friendship with michael jackson was well documented and she simply said she got him and he got her. when she died today, she was surrounded by her four children. >>shepard: thank you from los angeles, trace. and now watch for flying pigs, all right? watch for flying pigs, gloss is
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on hannity tonight. guess. guess. larry king. larry king is back and she not on the weird channel he is on the fox news channel, the man, the king, larry king, on with hannity tonight, 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] with amazing innovation, driven by rentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. there is breaking news now according to libyan state television. that is qaddafi's tv station, an
3:32 pm
unknown witness and a military source the united states are carrying out airstrikes in tripoli, eastern side. libyan state television gave no further details on the report. we are working to confirm it. and the white house pushing to hand over control of the "operation" in libya but there are questions when this could happen and who will be in charge. plus, it is not a war. the white house says this is in the a war. we are dropping bombs. they are shooting at us but it is not a war. good times with wording. and now, wednesday's with juan. our political analyst, juan williams. live in washington. not a war, juan, the weirdest nonwar i've ever seen. >>guest: sure looks like a war to me. >>shepard: why not call it a war? >>guest: important for public opinion. if you look at international politics there is a whole different set of dynamics that play especially for the french and sarkozy who is under his own political pressure right now.
3:33 pm
he is not popular enough for re-election. but, the larger argument here in the united states is, the american people are supportive in the short-term but when it cops to the idea of a long-term commitment there is no support and the president, the white house, well aware of it. >>shepard: if you call it a war and you cannot put out clear and present danger to the nation itself, don't you have a congressional issue, as well, so the wording matters? >>juan: well, in fact, kucinich that obama should be in impeached for not getting senate approval. and senator webb said to do this you need debate but in the short-term the white house position is they had to act quickly in support of the u.n. resolution and, again, as you said, not at war. but the larger point there, saying "not at war," they are not too worried about congressional action. they figure it will be over before that. but there are larger worries
3:34 pm
that the president would seem he took this action recklessly because there are big questions about the end point. what is the win here? is it out of thing -- outing of qaddafi or do we claim humanitarian defense of civilians and making sure people have a place to flee. that is the confusion. that's the argument. they do not want to lose that with the american public. >>shepard: you mention the flee business, and that is partly where the french come in. the french have had an eternal crisis on this front already. they worried about all kinds of things and sarkozy is working on the poll numbers and this is a popular matter. >>guest: it is. it makes him seem stronger. and just depends where you are because here you have a situation where president obama fears looking weaker. that is the criticism that he his leadership has been lacking in this regard and that he
3:35 pm
shifted from someone who said, no, we will not get involved to someone who did get involved because of the pressure coming from the administration but not the military. so, again, from the president's perspective, and i think the administration's perspective, this meeting next week in london where they decide whether or not it is a nato-led action going forward or whether you simply allow the british and the french, sarkozy who is seeking to look stronger, and who seems to be getting that result with his public, whether or not they take the lead and whatever coalition takes command of the military action from going forward from next week. >>shepard: thank you, juan, from washington. great to see you, as always. thank you. >>juan: my pleasure. >>shepard: we will call it a war here because it's a war. i was looking up the dictionary definition of war and this qualifies. as we have reported, two american air american ejected from their f-15 before it crash
3:36 pm
landed if libya. both survived and a mechanical problem was blamed. early today a former fighter pilot, army air force captain talks about getting shot down in 1995 while enforcing a no-fly zone over bosnia. i was burned before i could eject and i ejected at 27,000 feet 500 miles per hour and i came down over enemy territory and death squads were there to try to capture me and i hid in three locations and made it over two nights and finally got radio contact. >> he spent six days only the ground before rescue finally came, and he was the last man to be rescued from a war zone before yesterday's crash and you saw that f-15 there, we actually went if there, the united states jets went in and blew up the remains of that so it could not be of any use to the people who were fighting in the nonwar. serious problems are still
3:37 pm
brewing in other countries across the middle east. including in yemen. no matter what happens there, the experts are saying it will be good news for al qaeda. that is next. and the bunga-bunga. oh my. pictures from inside the italian prime minister's parties have hit the webs and we will bring them to you on the tv box. we hay to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bule. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today.
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but we are. aa has been working to preserve social security for more than 50 years. join us in a conversion to strengthen it r years to come. >>shepard: growing unrest in yemen as the president there makes another attempt to stay in power. thousands of protesters calls on the president of yemen to step down as yemen's parliament approved his request to enforce emergency law for 30 days. this suspends the discussion in yemen and allowing media censorship and bans street
3:41 pm
protests in yemen and gives security forces the power to detain suspects in yemen. the president already offers to step down at the end of the year but that is not good fluff for the people. of course the yemen president is a strong ally of the united states in the fight against al qaeda. and now, the news live from washington, dc, sometimes this spreading of freedom can be problematic. are we prepared for a clap there? >>reporter: the answer is "no," speaks to reporters in cairo the defense secretary made a startling admission saying "it is too soon to call an outcome, we have had a good working relationship with president saleh and we will just continue to watch the situation. we have not done any post saleh planning." ask idea this was in back young plan for the inevitable departure of the president, the spokesman was caught off guard and the u.s. fight against al qaeda in yemen was more than mr. saleh. >> it is beyond one individual, it is government to government.
3:42 pm
>> are we planning for a future without him? >>guest: again, we are not going to try to judge the outcome what may happen. it is still an evolving situation. >>reporter: for context this affiliate in yemen and the american who plans the operations are now seen as a greater threat than osama bin laden and that is dear because the u.s. officials are saying to me that the yemen president is focused on his survival rather than our problems here in the united states, or those threats to us. >>shepard: senators are in the mix warning that yemen could be the new afghanistan, his words. >>reporter: that is job dozen me as afghanistan on steroids because you have the presence of shia groups in the north and al qaeda in the south, and they will flourish in this safe haven. >>guest: if the country ever
3:43 pm
-- ever involves into chaos, al qaeda could dominate yemen and have a safe haven that would have to eventually be dealt with. >>reporter: the hunt for the american chloric, the first american on the c.i.a. capture list would not go on hold, officials say it would continue, but it certainly would not be front and center as it has been in the past. >>shepard: yemen, we will have a non-war there, too? >>guest: don't get me on the dictionary stuff. the word that i did not hear today were "military action," and i cannot emphasize how important secretary gates' comments were. that is a rare admission that they are not doing important post planning with that presidency. >>shepard: thank you. good to see you. thank you. stay tuned for this. the italian prime minister silvio berlusconi did not invite just anyone to the bunga-bunga sex parties but now the rest of us can see the photographs.
3:44 pm
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i nipped my allergy symptoms in the bud. omnaris. ask your doctor. battling nasal allergy symptoms? omnaris combats the cause. get omnaris for only $11 >>shepard: and now itly. we have heard the stories but what does go on at italian prime minister's silvio berlusconi's bunga-bunga parties? photo time. here's one. she is clearly ... on duty believe. and then these two ladies are ... testing out each other's lipstick. and then these three ... i am not sure. and then there are these two dudes ... blue shoes, elvis relative. italian authorities recovered the pictures from laptops and cameras from women who attended pares at the home.
3:48 pm
of course the 74-year-old prime minister is on trial now alleged to have paid for sex with a 17-year-old belly dancer known as ruby the heart stealer. and with us is form prosecutor and legal appear list, and the criminal defense attorney. so aside from the fact that as tom mentioned before the beginning of the segment, the italian completions clearly have some degree of boat are taste than american americans. what do we make of the pictures? >>guest: they have better parties, too. the express going to have a field day. he is reckless. he uses wealth and more importantly his position of power to lure young unsuspecting females into this situation. that is what is going on in
3:49 pm
milan. and it will taint the image of the guy as a cad, the type of guy willing to take the type of risks involved with seducing underage prostitutes. >>guest: in 1994 he came into power and it has been the only solid government that italy has had since world war ii. so he was there and he has been this since 1994 and he boosted their economy, and he added stability and now they are tired of him. >>shepard: are you running the campaign for him? >>guest: there are 20,000 pages of the complaint against him and here is the thing. in italy, prostitution is legal. there are no johns. you do not get locked up. what is illegal, is the illegal part and that is having like a brothel, being a pimp, basically, is illegal. >>shepard: the italian prime
3:50 pm
minister cannot be a punch. -- pimp. >>guest: he can be the richest man in italy but he cannot be a pimp and he is charged with being with an underage prostitution. in the lit the number is 14. i don't know if they can prove that case. it starts april 6th, and the photos show that he has some wild parties. this we did not go whether he had sex with an underage person which is what he is charged with and he is also charged with calling the cops and getting her out of trouble. >>shepard: that could be the more serious. >>guest: every time there is one of these scandals involving a politician, be it berlusconi, or bill clinton, the defense is, well, this is just, you are trying to tar and feather the guy over a sex scandal. it starts --. >>shepard: we would never do that in the united states, of course! >>guest: the problem, the root may be sex but it goes, when it
3:51 pm
gets to coverup and having the police hide charges ... >>shepard: do you know who is on fox news channel with hannity? larry king! larry king tonight on hannity. at 9:00 eastern. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks.
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campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>>shepard: the popularity of smart phones and tablet computers is a boom for electronic makers including apple but some experts say the devices put a strain on the wi-fi networks. they say unlike modern cell phone networks the hot spots like in coffee shops and airports can only handle a handful at once and as more go online the connection slows down for everyone. and now, live from san francisco. what are they going to do? >>guest: the numbers are
3:55 pm
staggering. 50 million tablets will be sold by the end of the year led by the ipad coming out from apple and they are joining hundreds of millions of smart phones by people who want to be connected all the time but the tablets are media rich and mobile and they take up a lot of brad band and their soaring popularity threatens to overwhelm today's networks. >> we have all the technology companies pushing wireless gadgets and we need an infrastructure that supports the use of the gadget or they are expensive paperweights. >> it is like a traffic jam. otherwise you will have a lost frustration. >>shepard: what do they do? how do they fix it? >>guest: in me vacation will be critical. we are seeing tech companies
3:56 pm
come out with this device. this is a smart antenna to boost band width capability but service providers are tackling the wi-fi overload issue and we could see the federal government getting involved because this problem is only going to grow along with sales of today's must have gadgets. >>shepard: thank you, from san francisco. and venezuela's president is outspoken on everything from president obama's role in the bombing of libya to the number of venezuela women getting breast implants. and now, chavez has a theory about life on mars.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>>shepard: and before we wrap things up, scientists find more intelligence that mars could have supported life in simple forms but what caused the plan tote die and turn into the dry rock it is today? venezuela's president knows. he says capitalism killed life on mars. during one of the many speeches the president said and i quote, "it would not be strange there was civilization but maybe capitalism arrived there and finished off the planet." for the record, nasa engineers say their mars rovers have found signs of water on mars but not capitalism. not yet. mars. hello? larry king tonight on -- there

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